I have always had extremely dry skin, so I have been pretty excited about the cleansing oil craze which has been taking off in the past couple of years. The DIY ‘oil cleansing method’ in particular has been garnering masses of attention, as people are turning to more natural options in order to avoid the negative effects of synthetic additives in commercial cleansers (I personally have shied away from this method because I suck at DIY and I’m pretty sure the ‘caster oil’ component of this method is a known irritant for my skin).

Even though I have a history of acne-prone skin, because it’s also so dry, I’ve never been afraid to slather it in nourishing face oils, but I can see how people who suffer from oiliness and acne recoil at the trend. It seems counterintuitive to ‘cleanse’ our skin with oil, but the thing is, no matter what your skin type, using a good cleansing oil will actually attract the existing oils on your skin (be they from excess sebum, or from makeup and face products), and bind to surface impurities. When you wash off the cleanser, it takes all the dirt with it, without blocking your pores. This leaves your face cleaner, softer, and more hydrated, and because the natural oils haven’t been stripped away, your skin wont need to produce more in order to rebalance the levels. Awesome, right?

But what is the best cleansing oil out there? I’ve tried plenty, but for your convenience, have narrowed it down to 2 clear favourites: SKII’s Facial Cleansing Oil, and the stellar Eve Lom. Heres why:

SKII Facial Cleansing Oil


What they say

Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil is a 2-in-1 cleanser which removes make-up effortlessly and deep pore cleanses all in one single step. Its innovative oil-based formulation readily dissolves stubborn make-up (including sun-block, waterproof mascara and long lasting lipstick), so they can be washed off easily along with other impurities trapped deep within pores, leaving you with radiantly clean skin.

What I say

Pros: Great for removing all traces of makeup and dirt without stripping or drying the skin. It makes you feel fresh and hydrated, even in summer, because of the way the oils attracts impurities, and emulsifies into a nice cream before washing it all away. The (dubiously named) ‘miracle’ ingredient, pitera, is what sets this oil apart from its competitors, so if you find this ingredient clarifies your skin, this is a great addition to your pitera regime. I did find that in conjunction with other SKII products, my skin was kept relatively well conditioned.

Cons: The biggest con for me it that this brand tests on animals, which was the reason I started looking to replace it in the first place. Other than that, it’s a pretty thin formula which doesn’t feel luxurious, but would be a nice option for oilier skin types, and the list of ingredients is nothing special (no particularly active ingredients), but I personally prefer a clean and simple product.

Eve Lom Cleanser


What they say

Eve Lom’s signature cleanser is a blend of four aromatic plant oils chosen for their decongesting and soothing properties. It deeply cleanses without drying or stripping your skin but still removes waterproof makeup. Each pot comes with a cotton muslin cloth which, when used together with this nourishing formula, improves circulation, opens pores, exfoliates and tones your skin.

What I say

Pros: It’s rich, creamy, and feels so luxurious on the skin you’ll feel treated each time you use it. The smell is beautiful, and you only need the tiniest amount to remove all dirt and makeup and soften the skin. I love the touch of exfoliant in the balm, as well as the added benefit from wiping it away with the muslin cloth, and the way it emulsifies into a creamy lather. This is literally the only cleanser I’ve ever used that leaved my skin dewy and hydrated rather than stripped and dry straight after use.

Cons: There’s a bit of criticism about whether or not the price tag of this product is warranted given its relatively unremarkable list of ingredients. The mineral oil base is great for removing dirt and makeup, but the other oils and fragrances are potential irritants for sensitive skin types. That being said, my usually sensitive skin responds beautifully to this product, and I personally think it is probably because of the pared back, basic ingredients.

The Verdict

I’m a huge advocate for cleansing oils, and champion Eve Lom all the way!

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