how to wear flares

Flared jeans are officially back on the high street and Iโ€™m ecstatic because in my mind they never really left. Iโ€™ll admit that some of the styles filling the racksย make me cringe a little with flashbacks to my college years where we all strutted about in our uber-low hipster Sass & Bides with the hems tattered from dragging along the ground around our Vans – but mostly this season the brands I love are producing far more sophisticated versions that… Read more »

budget shopping

We bought a house! We did. It was a little impromptu (and I suspect a house is probably not the wisest impulse buy) but we did it and we are super excited to move in next month. Weโ€™ve been budgeting and saving like mad things since last May with the intention of moving overseas in 2017, but then we thought to ourselves โ€˜wouldnโ€™t it be nice to have a property waiting for us on our return?โ€™ so we bought a… Read more »


  So this little shoot was done a few months ago, when Winter was still in her early birthing phases and I was naively thinking it would be a mild one which would require my winter style to incorporate little more than throwing a faux fur vest over everything. As usual, I underestimated the frosty freeze that we always get in my part of the world. Still, Iโ€™ve remained faithful to my love of faux fur vests – layering them… Read more »


Each year, for the inert and irrelevant week between Christmas and New Years, I head for my Grandmaโ€™s old weatherboard cottage on the South Coast. Itโ€™s near the beach, but far enough away to satisfy my love for an isolated โ€˜country hermitageโ€™. I always pack the laziest, most comfortable clothes I can find in preparation for long hot days spent reading and writing and drawing and napping – so usually I look like hell and have to spend a good… Read more »


The days are warming up and while I love the extra warmth in the air I’m going to have to bid a reluctant farewell to my cosy coats very soon. One baby in particular I will be pining for is my fat faux leopard fur which I’ve worn with just about everything over the cold season. Anyway, I must remember it’s only spring, so here’s how I’m planning to stretch my winter staple into the new season…