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Follow my blog with Bloglovin I make no secret of the fact that I love love LOVE Madewell. I wear my Madewell pieces season after season – they work with everything, look effortlessly chic, and make me feel like a rebel artiste. The cooler, quirkier sister label to J-Crew, Madewell takes simple staples like ¾ sleeve tees, shirts, cardis and denim to the next level with cuts, textures and fabrics that make me swoon. Their latest campaign featuring Erin Wasson… Read more »

  If this amazing lady was ever told not to play with her food, I’m so glad she didn’t listen. I first stumbled across Julie Lee of Julie’s Kitchen on Instagram (@julieskitchen), Then fell in love with her blog. Her beautiful and creative approach to food photography caught my eye immediately. I’m one of those people who can browse through a farmer’s market for hours, drinking in the sight of all that fresh produce. I’ve been known to buy a basketful of… Read more »

Over the years, dressing myself up in excessive sequins and sparkles and embellishments on all occasions has apparently (and somewhat unintentionally) become a personal trademark. I wear my bling to work, to picnics, to the beach, to the shops – to the school camps I attend with hundreds of unruly children under my care while we rock-climb, canoe, and cook over open fires. For some reason I feel virtually undressed without a sequined cardigan, a giant crystal neckpiece or a… Read more »

Amazing peaches. As big as your head. The colour of sunset. I couldn’t resist the fuzzy globes and bought two for lunch from the store. I was in Siena and had just finished exploring the great striped confection that is the Duomo. Choosing at random a street to peruse I saw the grocer on a corner. This is one of my favourite things about Italy (Tuscany in particular) – the fresh produce spilling out of the tiny shop fronts. Crates… Read more »

Well the temperature’s dropping as quickly as the leaves this time of year but all that means is I’m getting wildly excited about bed linen. Yes. Bed linen. I’ve never been one of those people who can spend the weekend sleeping in until midday. Usually no matter what ungodly hour I crawled into bed the night (or morning) before, my clock will tick to 8am and I’m lying there all tense and alert and freaking out about sleeping in too… Read more »

British set designer Shona Heath rocks my world, and her most notable collaborations are with photographer Tim Walker. Heath started out as a fashion designer before realizing that her real passion lay in crafting the fantastical and enchanting worlds for which she has become renowned: “I thought it was the clothes I was interested in  – but really it was the imagery and the stories and the fantasy of it all that I loved.” She has designed amazing sets for… Read more »

While the morning mist falls in marzipan blankets over the hills, snagging on the threaded grapevines and wallowing in the grooves of the landscape, the chipped shutters in the perched medieval town of Siena flutter open like waking eyelashes to a day that catches alight in shades of apricot, melon, sand, and dry clay. She is waking, waking from a dreamscape every bit as beautiful as her reality, though darker and richer in metal and mythology. The city, Siena, stretches out… Read more »

It’s that in-between time of year, when the weather is always either a little too warm or a little too cool (mainly both) and so I spend far too many frustrated mornings trying to work out what layers will keep me warm in the mornings and still look decent when I take some off if it warms up later in the day. However, it’s also the time of year when I have the most fun mixing up seasonal pieces and… Read more »

 Every season Orla Kiely delivers collection that has me putting pretty much every piece on my wish list, and her latest presentation at LFW didn’t disappoint. I love that the Dublin-born, London-based designer’s quirky prints and clean shapes somehow manage to feel both dated and timeless – she uses dirty colours, garish brights, and solid cuts and then somehow distills them into something gorgeous and stylish. Her patterns and shapes have taken me into worlds of housewife formica, smokey newspaper rooms, and David… Read more »


There is no shortage of good gelati in Italy. My love affair with the delectable dessert began on my first trip to the country as part of a school excursion, and my beloved Italian teacher announced that the strictest rule to which we must all adhere would be to try a different gelato flavour every day for the duration of the trip. For me, this sparked a personal endeavor, which has endured, to find the best gelato in each Italian… Read more »