I like to tell stories. I like to pretend. I like to play:Β TheseΒ are generally the personal qualities that inform my outfit choices when I shop and when I leave the house. I’m not really an avid magazine reader. I’m terrible at keeping up to date with ‘trends’ and I couldn’t care less whether someone’s wearing the latest Louboutins or a $10 coat from 5 years ago. I’ll love an outfit if it tells me a story. I’ll pick up a… Read more »


Welcome to the Rabbit Catcher, a blog that celebrates creativity in all its forms – style, art, literature, culture, and travel… The first thing you must knowΒ about me is that I am incredibly imbalanced. Ever changing. Seasonal. Annoying. Whatever you’d like to call it. I could describe myself today but would be entirely different to how I might describe myself tomorrow. I’m a writer, a reader, a traveller, a seamstress and a lunatic lover of art and history. Above all… Read more »