Before reading this post you might want to get some context by reading my prior post on ‘What they don’t tell you about being skinny’. Years ago I had started a pitiful little blog with an entirely different focus. I was getting into photography at the time and, upon viewing countless beautiful images on Tumblr or Pinterest or Flickr etc. – those moody photos of spindly waifs bathing their limbs in sunlit windows, reclining on rumpled white sheets, clutching oversized… Read more »


For the thousandth time I put on my blogging hat, sit at my computer and start from scratch, telling myself ‘this time I’ll make it work.’ And I think it will. Because this time I intend to tackle all those irritating little problems that make me give up on my blogging endeavour time and time again. I acknowledge, at last, why essentially, I suck at blogging. And I really really do. Really. Here’s why: The inner critic – Like all ‘creative’… Read more »


Last year Frankie Magazine introduced me to the amazing Australian artist Carmel Seymore. I’ve been inspired again by her botanical inspired pieces of late, so thought I’d share the magazine’s interview with her and some of my favourite of her illustrations What kind of artwork does an Iceland-dwelling creative type make? If Carmel Seymour is anything to go by, it’s magical watercolours and sweet botanical sketches that look like they’ve come straight from a mystical dreamland… What is your name… Read more »

  If this amazing lady was ever told not to play with her food, I’m so glad she didn’t listen. I first stumbled across Julie Lee of Julie’s Kitchen on Instagram (@julieskitchen), Then fell in love with her blog. Her beautiful and creative approach to food photography caught my eye immediately. I’m one of those people who can browse through a farmer’s market for hours, drinking in the sight of all that fresh produce. I’ve been known to buy a basketful of… Read more »

British set designer Shona Heath rocks my world, and her most notable collaborations are with photographer Tim Walker. Heath started out as a fashion designer before realizing that her real passion lay in crafting the fantastical and enchanting worlds for which she has become renowned: “I thought it was the clothes I was interested in  – but really it was the imagery and the stories and the fantasy of it all that I loved.” She has designed amazing sets for… Read more »