recovering from anorexia

I had a 5 month human photo hiatus. I took no photos of myself. I looked at no photos of others. I boycotted instagram altogether, restricted myself to droolworthy, people-less pictures of interiors on pinterest (and primary school literacy and numeracy ideas but that doesnโ€™t sound glamorous at allโ€ฆ), binned every magazine in the house, and even quit browsing for clothes online and in stores so as to avoid seeing fashion campaigns, mannequins, and modelled clothing. I realised that these… Read more »


Before reading this post you might want to get some context by reading my prior post on โ€˜What they donโ€™t tell you about being skinnyโ€™. Years ago I had started a pitiful little blog with an entirely different focus. I was getting into photography at the time and, upon viewing countless beautiful images on Tumblr or Pinterest or Flickr etc. – those moody photos of spindly waifs bathing their limbs in sunlit windows, reclining on rumpled white sheets, clutching oversized… Read more »


I suffer from anorexia. Itโ€™s not something many people know about me. Well, I suppose they do now that Iโ€™ve written it in the most public space available to me, but I mean itโ€™s something Iโ€™ve kept hidden for a very long time. Straight up, I want to say that this post is not really about my journey with my dark little anorexic passenger, that will come later, if Iโ€™m brave enough. This is post is actually just prompted by… Read more »