how to wear flares

Flared jeans are officially back on the high street and I’m ecstatic because in my mind they never really left. I’ll admit that some of the styles filling the racks make me cringe a little with flashbacks to my college years where we all strutted about in our uber-low hipster Sass & Bides with the hems tattered from dragging along the ground around our Vans – but mostly this season the brands I love are producing far more sophisticated versions that… Read more »

budget shopping

We bought a house! We did. It was a little impromptu (and I suspect a house is probably not the wisest impulse buy) but we did it and we are super excited to move in next month. We’ve been budgeting and saving like mad things since last May with the intention of moving overseas in 2017, but then we thought to ourselves ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have a property waiting for us on our return?’ so we bought a… Read more »


  So this little shoot was done a few months ago, when Winter was still in her early birthing phases and I was naively thinking it would be a mild one which would require my winter style to incorporate little more than throwing a faux fur vest over everything. As usual, I underestimated the frosty freeze that we always get in my part of the world. Still, I’ve remained faithful to my love of faux fur vests – layering them… Read more »


Before reading this post you might want to get some context by reading my prior post on ‘What they don’t tell you about being skinny’. Years ago I had started a pitiful little blog with an entirely different focus. I was getting into photography at the time and, upon viewing countless beautiful images on Tumblr or Pinterest or Flickr etc. – those moody photos of spindly waifs bathing their limbs in sunlit windows, reclining on rumpled white sheets, clutching oversized… Read more »


Each year, for the inert and irrelevant week between Christmas and New Years, I head for my Grandma’s old weatherboard cottage on the South Coast. It’s near the beach, but far enough away to satisfy my love for an isolated ‘country hermitage’. I always pack the laziest, most comfortable clothes I can find in preparation for long hot days spent reading and writing and drawing and napping – so usually I look like hell and have to spend a good… Read more »


The days are warming up and while I love the extra warmth in the air I’m going to have to bid a reluctant farewell to my cosy coats very soon. One baby in particular I will be pining for is my fat faux leopard fur which I’ve worn with just about everything over the cold season. Anyway, I must remember it’s only spring, so here’s how I’m planning to stretch my winter staple into the new season…  

I recently bought a little woolly jumper from Australian niche label Stella and fell in love – it goes with everything, looks cute (well, I think so…), and most importantly makes me all warm and fuzzy like a spring lamb – I feel I should be frolicking in the fields all day long whenever I put it on! Anyway, I’m now head over (frolicking) heels for anything warm and fuzzy – coats especially as the winter chill creeps into my… Read more »


So with Mothers’ Day just past, I got to thinking of all the incredible mother figures I am so fortunate to have in my life – older women whose strengths, passions, and intellects constantly inspire me and give me something to aspire to. Then I thought it would be fun to devote a blog post to another type of older woman who inspires me… There are some ladies who age gracefully, and others who age fabulously – this post is… Read more »

I’ve always loved prints and, to my squealing, hand-flapping delight, they’re everywhere this season. Floral, leopard print, geometric, Aztec, animal – and the best part is I don’t have to choose just one. In my opinion, these beauties are at their best when they clash spectacularly side-by-side – but making a mismatch work isn’t necessarily as easy as it looks. Here some of my favourite ways of pulling it all together… 1. Stick to a colour theme – Choose a… Read more »

Over the years, dressing myself up in excessive sequins and sparkles and embellishments on all occasions has apparently (and somewhat unintentionally) become a personal trademark. I wear my bling to work, to picnics, to the beach, to the shops – to the school camps I attend with hundreds of unruly children under my care while we rock-climb, canoe, and cook over open fires. For some reason I feel virtually undressed without a sequined cardigan, a giant crystal neckpiece or a… Read more »