For the thousandth time I put on my blogging hat, sit at my computer and start from scratch, telling myself β€˜this time I’ll make it work.’ And I think it will. Because this time I intend to tackle all those irritating little problems that make me give up on my blogging endeavour time and time again. I acknowledge, at last, why essentially, I suck at blogging. And I really really do. Really.Β Here’s why: The inner critic – Like all β€˜creative’… Read more »

Australian Rafiq Copeland believes information is aid, especially in the biggest refugee camp in the world. –Β Words by Dan Fox for Smith Journal, Volume 10, 2014. IN THE FLAT SCRUBBY DESERT IN NORTH-EAST KENYA, MORE THAN 400,000 REFUGEES, ALMOST ALL FROM SOMALIA, LIVE IN FIVE CAMPS HUDDLED AROUND THE TOWN OF DADAAB, WHICH WAS PREVIOUSLY BARELY A SPECK ON THE MAP. IT IS NOW KENYA’S THIRD LARGEST CITY. For Australian documentary filmmaker and journalist Rafiq Copeland, Dadaab has been home… Read more »