I have always had extremely dry skin, so I have been pretty excited about the cleansing oil craze which has been taking off in the past couple of years. The DIY β€˜oil cleansing method’ in particular has been garnering masses of attention, as people are turning to more natural options in order to avoid the negative effects of synthetic additives in commercial cleansers (I personally have shied away from this method because I suck at DIY and I’m pretty sure… Read more »


My sister’s having her first a baby. It’s my first niece or nephew (surprise babies are the best!). She’s due any minute now, and every time she moves or sighs I leap up screaming β€˜are you in labour?!?!!’  Sadly, so far the answer has been β€˜no’. My big sis has always had sensitive skin, and it has become even more so during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, she is also the kind of gal who wouldn’t know her La Mer from her… Read more »