My sister’s having her first a baby. It’s my first niece or nephew (surprise babies are the best!). She’s due any minute now, and every time she moves or sighs I leap up screaming β€˜are you in labour?!?!!’  Sadly, so far the answer has been β€˜no’. My big sis has always had sensitive skin, and it has become even more so during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, she is also the kind of gal who wouldn’t know her La Mer from her… Read more »


The days are warming up and while I love the extra warmth in the air I’m going to have to bid a reluctant farewell to my cosy coats very soon. One baby in particular I will be pining for is my fat faux leopard fur which I’ve worn with just about everything over the cold season. Anyway, I must remember it’s only spring, so here’s how I’m planning to stretch my winter staple into the new season…  


So with Mothers’ Day just past, I got to thinking of all the incredible mother figures I am so fortunate to have in my life – older women whose strengths, passions, and intellects constantly inspire me and give me something to aspire to. Then I thought it would be fun to devote a blog post to another type of older woman who inspires me… There are some ladies who age gracefully, and others who age fabulously – this post is… Read more »