For the thousandth time I put on my blogging hat, sit at my computer and start from scratch, telling myself β€˜this time I’ll make it work.’ And I think it will. Because this time I intend to tackle all those irritating little problems that make me give up on my blogging endeavour time and time again. I acknowledge, at last, why essentially, I suck at blogging. And I really really do. Really.Β Here’s why: The inner critic – Like all β€˜creative’… Read more »

β€˜The people who come to Paris to find themselves are outsiders,’ he said. I was finding this to be true. There was a palpable perfume in the air, borne of us lost souls who drifted in on the breeze and turned our palms out towards the city, as if to display the invisible stigmata that has always marked us out as misfits. We were sitting in La Belle Hortense on the Rue Vieille du Temple in the Marais, a beautiful… Read more »